Letters To My Sons | March

Second Edition

This month was a big one for you Cash with your promotion to yellow belt! I remember suggesting Taekwondo toward the end of last year and being met with your customary eye roll. As your teacher Max said, that’s just how you move through the world: initial resistance followed by full on immersion.

As I watched you grinning from ear to ear during the trial class, I knew I had to override any reluctance you might put up; it was obvious you were into it AND you were really good!

“Cash, do you play sports?, “ Master Lim asked, “And how old are you again?” — both questions stemming from a general surprise at your ability on day one. Fast, coordinated, flexible.

So here we are, just eight weeks into your training and according to your Masters, ready to move up to yellow belt. You couldn’t have been more excited for your upcoming test — practicing kicks, four directional blocks and punch combinations.


You missed the first test date because we were out of town, so you ended up taking the test solo the following week. I couldn’t believe how coolly you got up in front of the group. Not an ounce of fear or embarrassment; you just stood before Master Chavez awaiting his instruction.

Taekwondo actually means “the way of the fist foot”. The reason being the leg is more powerful and has a longer reach than the arm. Because it involves more kicking than other martial art forms, I knew it would be a good fit for you. Another MCS parent, Gia’s dad, said from the beginning that your focus has an intensity not seen in other kids in the class. You’re not constantly turning back to get my approval and you don’t look around to see what other kids are doing; you zero in on your reflection with the sole purpose of mastering technique.

I can already see the many benefits — self confidence, discipline, respect, and concentration — which, no doubt, you’ll carry into all aspects of your life. Your teachers may soon ditch the fidgeting tools they have you use in school since I can already tell one of your greatest strides is inward focus. Outwardly, during your test, you got to showcase your agility and not least of all, your bravery in testing alone in front of a group. You didn’t hesitate even when Master Chavez told you to do knuckle push-ups on the wooden tiles which, I know, you didn’t see coming.


When you finished the test it was clear you had passed. “You’re just really good Cash … what else can I say,” Master Chavez said, as he ceremoniously tied the yellow belt around your waist, telling the group that the most important belt promotions are the yellow and black belt; the first and last. After bowing toward him in appreciation and respect, and again toward your us, your family, you ran over — but not before being tackled in an embrace by two friends who tested the week prior.

I love that a couple friends from MCS are going along this journey with you and clearly felt genuine happiness for you for CRUSHING the test! Talk about dedication, as soon as you finished, you wanted to take another class with your fellow jejas before our family trip to Big Daddy’s for milkshakes!

Congratulations my Taekwondo jeja on your yellow belt promotion! I’m so excited to see what lies ahead on your path toward green belt — your path toward warrior!

I love you. Always and forever,