Letters To My Sons | March

First Edition

So there was a lot of excitement in our family this month. To kick things off Grey Bear, you lost your first tooth! It had been wiggling for several weeks, but nowadays every time you took a bite of something, the pain was agonizing. “Mommy!!," you cried out when it happened again, blood pooling around your gums. Through stifled sobs in the couch pillow, you decided it was better to endure the brief pain of having it pulled out than the unbearable pain each time you ate.

The way you looked at Daddy as he mulled over different “tools” to use: complete and utter trust. You never spoke a word. Not a flinch, not a single second guess; you just stood awaiting direction. I’ve never seen courage like that from you Grey and won’t soon forget it.

Daddy’s first attempt — the way he felt would cause you the least amount of pain — involved dental floss. I was a little concerned about forcing your tooth out since the tooth next to it was also loose, so when the dentist instead suggested eating a bagel or an apple to help it come out on its own (and the dental floss attempts weren’t working), you agreed to give the apple technique a try.

But it wasn’t a few bird bites before you cried out again: DADDY!! TAKE IT OUT! Just pull it — I don’t care!

And with that, you and Daddy were back in the bathroom. This time he used his fingers and with a little upward yank, it was all over — that quick. You said you felt nothing . . . nothing but pure JOY that is!

I mean, just look at that smile! You were so happy the pain was over and the tooth fairy would be visiting that night.

And the next morning you couldn’t wait to tell your teachers and all your friends about your lost tooth and, of course, the five dollar bill you found underneath your pillow.

I love you Grey Bear for your remarkable bravery and, not to mention, your new and improved smile!

Always and forever,