Letters To My Sons | April


I must give credit to the great costume designer: Cash Davis. Always dressing Grey before donning yourself — whether it’s a rock and roll get-up complete with neckties and porkpie hats, rap dj’s with gold chains and sunglasses, Mickey Mouse boxing superheroes or zombie annihilators with laser guns and pocket rocks — the outfits you come up with are so creative!

And there have been countless times where you guys put on entire shows (well-rehearsed and often scripted) for Daddy and me; sometimes musical, sometimes theatrical, they are always hysterical and entertaining for the whole house!

Dear boys,

Cosplay, I learned, is defined as “play in which costumes and fashion accessories are worn to represent specific characters”. Without question you have solidified your position as leading cosplayers over the years.

It’s probably gender bias on my part to say this, but I always thought this sort of dressing up would be more enticing for girls; something attention-challenged boys such as yourselves would lose interest in rather quickly. That is until we moved onto our second treasure chest of costume attire and more hours than I can count of you two running through the apartment in your latest combinations. You’ve been doing this imaginary play together since Grey was just a wee tot, so clearly, it’s held your attention for years.

Like true cosplayers, you record yourselves in action. I mean, with you guys it’s a full circle creative process: imagination, collaboration, creation and documentation. But the laughter that ensues when you run down the hallway to show me the latest outfit, for me, that is priceless and never gets old.

I love you my zombie annihilators. Each and every ounce of your zaniness, costume mayhem and wickedly creative collaborations!

Always and forever, Mom