Letters to our sons | September

It is September.  It is Fall.  It is both a new season and the perfect time to join another blog circle!  This month is the kickoff to “Letters to Our Sons” which I am so honored to have joined.  Secretly I had been longing to be part of such a group and was over the moon when the invitation arrived.  We are a group of friends and fellow photographers who are also the mothers of sons. Each month we will share about the boy(s) in our lives through our photography and a corresponding, heartfelt letter.  After reading my post, please consider following the circle starting with my dear friend and creator of this amazing group, Jill Cassara.  Click HERE to check out what she has to share about life with her little man.    


Dear Grey Grey, 

I can't believe you are finally here.  You are my second son and loved so very much.  I actually thought that after having your older brother I was done having children, that Dad and I would be parents to only one boy, but that was not God's plan.  In the midst of a baptism service last spring, my heart was dramatically changed and I walked out of the church knowing whole heartedly that we were to have another baby.  We were to have YOU.  

So now you are (unbelievably) three months old and up until last week I was bathing you in the sink.  For my first "Letters to our sons" post I knew I wanted to capture a photo of you nestled in our small NYC bathroom sink because there was nothing more fleeting.  At first you were so tiny and new and rested easily on my forearm, but as the weeks went by your chubby limbs started pouring out over the sides, knocking over toiletries and toothbrushes.  So quickly you had outgrown this manner of wash and never again will you fit into a small bathroom sink. 



I wish to add that I enjoyed each of these nights with you, softly singing "Hush Little Baby..." as I cleaned behind your ears, underneath your neck and in the creases of your delicious arms and legs.  You would turn your head toward me and light up the whole room, and my heart, with your smile and playful splashes.  So much so that I often times felt like crying.  

You've made my heart grow bigger Grey which I didn't think was possible.  I now have not one son but two and I cannot wait to watch you and your brother get to know and love each other over the coming months and years.  What a gift from God!  YOU are definitely sent from heaven my little babe.