Brotherly Love

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~ Marc Brown


Lately my oldest son has started showing a great deal of empathy and love for his baby brother.  It has been truly amazing to witness.  He wants to see him first thing every morning, make him laugh by dancing silly dances, feed him his bottle when he's crying and wipe away any milk that spills down his neck with a burp cloth.  He wants to hold him (supervised of course) and lets Mommy and Daddy know whenever he is upset.  He also comforts him as best he knows how which is usually with a kiss. One particular moment of tenderness I was able to capture with my camera and is pictured below.  On an emotional scale this image is a solid 10 because I know it is the first of many moments between them, many moments of them looking out for one another, as brothers.