Letters To My Sons | November

Dear Cash,

Not only did you dress up as Ash Pokémon Ketchum trainer for Halloween, but every day before and since you’ve carried around your trading cards so you can swap after school with your closest friends. “Only boys are trading Pokémon cards Mom. No girls really like them. They think they’re gross.”So what are they into?” I asked. “Oh, American Girl dolls … you know, babies and mothering stuff and playing family. But we’re into battling and trading cards — and ninja stuff.”

You lug the 500-page “Pokémon Essential Handbook” around with you everywhere somehow managing to memorize the stats and facts of over 800 characters — including their powers and evolutions! It’s really kind of mind blowing. Grey and I spent a whole morning commute trying to stump you and couldn’t! With every random page we’d open you’d blurt out all the character’s qualities while we looked at each other in amazement.

“Do you think I can get into the college where Pow Pow went?” you asked me recently. Well, I can tell you that your ability to memorize 500 pages of facts in a short time certainly won’t hurt!

“I want to go to a really good college Mommy — what is it called again? Oh yeah, an Ivy League. But I don’t want to go far away from you.”

“Well, you could go to Columbia. It’s on 116th Street — and that’s only three stops away on the subway!”

“Yes!! I want to go there! Do you think I could get in?”

“If you work hard and put your mind to it anything is possible my love.”

Your writing skills are also quite impressive for someone your age and you recently used them to help Grey compose a love letter for Emma Lucia, alternating between asking questions and sharing little tidbits about Grey. You caught me by surprise and delight, not only because of your handwriting, but because the back and forth dialogue showed a level of maturity as well as a genuine interest in another person.

“What is your favorite color? For me, I like green.”

And let’s not forget you were helping out your little brother so that really touched my heart.

[Letter to Emma Lucia / Click images to enlarge]

The other day I showed you a funny video of a comedian impersonating a middle school boy. He had us laughing with his eye-rolling, exaggerated sighs, shrugs and constant grumbling: “It’s NOT FAIR!! … JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES!! … UGGGHHHHHH!!” He was always on his cellphone, never finished his homework, ignored his parents and didn’t do anything without over-the-top complaining which was so hysterical you asked me to replay it several times. Even though you were laughing as you watched it, you were also promising NEVER to do that. NEVER! And all I could say with a wink was, “Okay sweetie, we’ll see. I sure hope that’s true.”

For now you’re still my baby who needs sung to in order to go to sleep. The other night when I got to the line I’ve ad libbed for years: “Mama’s gonna take you on a day of fun,” you said, “Hey Mommy, when are we gonna do that? A day of fun — like, you know, go and hang out and have a glass of wine?”

It will happen soon — before you know it. That’s my promise.

Hanging on the wall in Grey’s classroom is a list of all the things that everyone is thankful for this year. I was so touched to read Grey’s comment because it’s obvious I’m not the only one who is thankful for you Cash. You are special to all of us.

I love you sweetheart. Always and forever, Mom