Letters To My Sons | Halloween Edition

Hey boys!

It’s become apparent over the years that being brothers has little to no impact on your preferences. The fact is you both have steadfast likes and dislikes, which, more often than not, are very different from one another.

Grey likes chocolate Cheerios; Cash likes plain ones

Grey like peanut butter & jelly; Cash likes ham and cheese

Grey likes hot dogs; Cash likes cheeseburgers

Grey likes fried fish; Cash likes fried chicken

Grey like milk; Cash likes juice

Grey likes music; Cash likes science and math

And Cash likes sharks while Grey is completely and utterly obsessed with dogs!

This list could go on forever and because of this, it’s especially fun when the two of you decide to collaborate and coordinate on something like Halloween costumes. This is the second year you’ve done this. Last year you dressed up as Leonardo and Michelangelo — two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crew — while this year you chose to dress as your favorite Pokémon characters: Grey as Charmander and Cash as Ash Ketchum Pokémon trainer.

Ahead of Halloween we hit the streets and under your direction reenacted “evolutions” and battle preparations. I had such fun capturing you guys in action as Ash brought Charmander to life with his Pokéball, all the while hearing shout outs from fans both young and old: Great hunting Ash and Pikachu!

So I would just like to wish you boys a safe and fun Pokémon Halloween, tell you how much I love your coordinated costumes and can’t wait to go trick or treating with you later on — even though seeing you laugh and play around in your costumes was the REAL treat for me. And I promise — yes, pinky promise — not to invade your sugar stash in the wee hours of the night!

I love you Charmander and Ash!

Always and forever, Mom