Letters To My Sons | June

Well, you did it boys! You completed your spring swim lessons and the happiest person that they're over might just be me!  I joked with another boys mom that you need to "Zen out" before swim lessons what with all the preparations -- the dressing and undressing of bathing suits, shower caps, goggles, rash guards and ear plugs as you corral young boy energy in a small unisex changing room. There's the patience needed when you decide the time to go pee is right before getting in the pool, and the physical endurance to avoid heatstroke in that unbearably humid pool area, all while cheering on your freestyles and back floats!

Go Grey! Good job Cash! Lookin' good!

It took a little while for you to find your groove Grey, which is understandable given that these were your first swim lessons. TERRIFIED of the water and putting your face anywhere near it you screamed "MOMMY!!" over and over that first time your face submerged -- a noise so shrill it penetrated my soul. Call it a mother's intuition, but I knew from the start that your teacher wasn't a good fit for you. He seemed to amp your anxiety rather than find ways to calmly encourage you, in spite of my mention that you were new to this. 

Then one week you had a substitute - Steven - and your vibe with him was completely different. You were actually happy in the water! The following week you were back with your original teacher who instructed you swim about two feet to the edge of the pool without any floaties and in the deep end no less. Not surprisingly you started taking in water and couldn't keep your head above the surface, crying out while your teacher said, "Again Grey! Try it again!" 

Immediately I jumped to my feet and in one fail swoop snatched you out of the pool.  My protective instincts kicked into such high gear that I think I may have even lifted you out of the water with one arm before marching straight over to the manager with you sobbing in my clutches. "Listen, I don't like that teacher. It's just not working. Can you please place him with someone else? Maybe Steven if possible."  

And it worked out fine. You were placed with Steven in a time slot right before Cash which meant an extra half hour in that hot box -- a small sacrifice that reaped tremendous reward. You actually started to look forward to swim lessons! And you were no longer scared of the water or getting your face wet which just goes to show you it really is ALL about the teacher. 

Cash, you truly turned from a minnow to a fish this season. A couple of years ago you were just like Grey - afraid of the water, of getting it in your nose, your mouth, your ears. But as I watched you from the side of the pool this spring, you were eager to show off your skills. No longer needing the floaties, you began diving in the deep end without hesitation and when instructed, swam backstroke and freestyle like a champ. You even cheered Grey on when he was struggling -- "Don't worry Grey, it gets better. I was the same way when I first started swimming" -- which was really sweet and couldn't be more true. It does get better, it does get easier, and it most certainly does get more fun.

So now that summer has arrived and the lessons have ended, it's time for us to go swimming outside my little minnows! 

I love you!

Always & forever, Mom