Letters To My Sons | April

April was a big month for our family. First the Montenegros came to visit, then a week later Grandma and Pow Pow came for their first Grandparents Day at MCS. They got to visit your school Cash, meet your teachers and classmates we've talked so much about, see your 100 days project on display (the shark jaw with 100 teeth!), play Connect Four and do a fun interview exchange. When I asked Grandma and Pow Pow at the end of their five day visit, what their favorite part of the whole trip was, they both agreed it was visiting their grandsons' schools.

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The morning of your school visit, Pow Pow asked if you like any of the girls in your class. "No! I don't like girls Pow Pow!", you said, glancing over at me to confirm our secret. I'm still the only one who knows you like Clara. You've told nobody else -- not Daddy, not your teacher Anna. It's our little secret that has its own hand symbol (the peace sign) for when we want to talk about it. I did however, quietly let Grandma and Pow Pow to keep an eye out for a little girl named Clara and of course, they could figure out why.


There was another big "Clara" event this month worth mentioning. Each Monday morning you get assigned a new partner for the week, someone to hold hands with when your class goes to the playground or Central Park. You told me if you were ever to be partnered with Clara you would be both "terrified and excited"

"But Mommy," you said one Sunday morning with great concern, "it's getting close to the end of the year and I haven't been partnered with Clara yet."  

Later that evening I sent Anna an email describing our conversation and well what do you know! The following morning your name was beside Clara's on the partner list! 



When you walked in the classroom and saw the board, you immediately ran to the bathroom to go pee and poop! You told me you weren't sure you'd be able to survive the whole week -- it seems your nerves were almost too much to bear. After lunch when your class went outside, you shared that you and Clara played "I Spy with My LIttle Eye" as you walked hand in hand toward Central Park.

Well, if I were to play that game, I would say that "I spy with my little eye" a boy with a BIG crush -- a sweet and nervous romeo whom I hope always feels comfortable enough to confide in me his deepest heart secrets. 

After spending the morning at MCS, Grandma and Pow Pow tagged along to pick up Grey. Amazingly it was their first time visiting Columbus Preschool. They met your teachers Grey and saw the fabulous art you made for your upcoming show. We had lunch at Artie's afterwards, which was your own special time with them. As a family we did other things that were particularly fun for you - like the Cirque de Soleil type show for kids called "Something" at the New Victory Theater and the Gazillion Bubble Show. You had been asking for weeks - no, months! - when Grandma and Pow Pow were coming. Now that they were finally here, you couldn't be happier.  

The last night of their visit was HUGE for you Cash! After dining out with the grownups at a fancy restaurant in Hells Kitchen, we took you to your first Broadway show! You had a GOLDEN TICKET to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - one of your all-time favorite stories. The evening was definitely one of pure imagination, made more special by the fact that you stayed up way past your bedtime, walking around the vibrant streets of Times Square with those who love you most.

Grey, you're still a little too young to sit through an entire Broadway show, but not to worry, your time will come. We set you up with a favorite babysitter, pizza dinner, and a couple of new Magnatile cars which seemed to be just fine. And already you're asking when we will see Grandma and Pow Pow again -- we all are!  It was a special visit chock-full of memories to last a lifetime.

As Willy Wonka says, "Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.

And we shan't. 

I love you sons.

Always & forever,