Letters To My Sons | March

Three Shades of Grey: Hustla, Lover Boy and Easy G

Of course there are multitude of shades, but these three are pretty consistent. Hustla is your preference when having your picture taken. Like a jailhouse pose Daddy and I will tease, honestly not knowing where you conjure up that swagger. I mean you're only three years old! I recently showed a photo of you to my doctor - the one who brought you into this world - and you know what she said?  She said, "Oh Sarah! You're gonna have to always be a stay at home mom just to watch over this one! And where did he learn that look??...with those green eyes! Girl, you are gonna be BUSYYY!"

She's right too. Which leads me to shade "Lover Boy". That was your look when I popped my head above the camera and said "Milly". Your eyes lit up and softened as you revealed your trademark smirk. Milly is the girl in your class you've liked since the first day of preschool. It turns out that a couple of the boys like Milly. She's feisty and likes trains and airplanes which she'll often bring to school. You told me recently that Milly now likes another boy in the class named Louie, though you seemed only mildly disappointed. "It's okay Grey," I said, though I probably didn't even need to, "there will be plenty of other girls. I can promise you that." 

Along with your lover boy tendencies, you also score high in protective instincts. While waiting to cross the street, you firmly wrap your arms around me to shield me from cars zooming past. "Don't worry Mommy, I 'tecting you." And when I forgot my gloves one very cold morning, you cupped your hands around mine - "My hands are big, right mommy?!" - telling everyone in sight you were keeping mommy's hands warm. Your protective instincts most definitely include your big brother as well, as you shield him from us whenever he's in trouble. I'm pretty certain there will come a day when you will step up to bat for Cash in a major way. Call it a hunch, but I don't think you will be one to take any bullshit. 

Then there's Easy G who is cool as a cucumber. Your relaxed self is quite the opposite of your spazzy "testosteronified" shade - yes, I made that word up just for you! - and we love it. Like when you make your body as small as possible, curling up like a cat to fit on Daddy's lap. Or when you immerse yourself in imaginative play - finding places on the carpet to line up all your cars, building fantastical structures with blocks and magnatiles and creating elaborate train tracks throughout the apartment. That just never gets old! Then there's your ultimate chill out spot - the bathtub - where you'll sometimes stay for up to an hour, getting out only when your fingers and toes are grossly wrinkled.

The other day on our walk to the subway, we came upon a giant bulldozer tearing up the street and watched in amazement as the machine tore back huge chunks of asphalt, carefully dropping them into a nearby dumpster. It was then you decided you wanted to go to "bulldozer school" to become a bulldozer driver when you are "growed up". I told you I was all for it. Without question you've got the strength and tasmanian zeal to do it --- to tackle anything in life for that matter. 

Dedicated to my Hustla, Lover boy, and Easy G --- these shades and the many others which you possess will catapult you into a galaxy of stars not a one lacking luster. But for now, while we're here together on this earth, you continue to be my superstar. I love you G.    

Always & forever,