Photo 52: Within the Frame

Favorite Image of the Year {Week 52}

This is the final week of our second yearlong collaborative photography project, Photo 52. Over the course of this year we studied composition ranging from geometric framing to lines, perspectives and patterns and so much more.  We grew as photographers and nurtured our individual and group stories.  For this last post we decided to showcase a "Best Of" mosaic, comprised of everyone's favorite image from the past year.

I chose the image below for various reasons.  First off, it is a photo of my son this past summer (he was three years old at the time) running down the sidewalk with his friend and their balloons - a consummate summer photo with an emotional attachment. However, it's also a photograph that incorporates nearly all the things I try and look for when shooting.  Strong lines like those of the fence, interesting shadows, depth of field (the fence leads the viewer's eye back in space), shapes that are mirrored in various places within the image, patterns both similar and contrasting, and lastly, movement. When I can find a way to capture most of those things - if not all - I absolutely call that a final favorite.

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