Letters To My Sons | September

It is September.  It is Fall.  And it is also the kick off to another year of Letters to My Sons.  Just as before, each month I will document about life with boys through my photography and a corresponding, heartfelt letter.  I am humbled by and grateful for those who follow these letters, sharing in the snippets of my complicated and beautiful journey raising sons.

Dear Cashew,

You did it!  This month you turned four after such a long wait, literally counting down the days for over two months. Your smile, from the time you lay your head down the night before and throughout the entire next day, was unstoppable. I took this photo just before you went to sleep, capturing your pure, sweet joy. 

That next morning you could not wait to get to school and let your teachers and friends know that it was your birthday.  We had a party in your classroom at 2 o'clock.  That is for sure.  You had asked me to make vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles.  Instead I bought mini cupcakes at the grocery store a block away. Sorry bud, I just couldn't bake them and schlepp them on the subway all the way down from Harlem with you, Grey and Grey's stroller this year.  But you were cool with it, even though you had promised Angelina that you were going to give her a pink frosted cupcake since her favorite color is pink.  Again, sorry bud.  Like I said though, you were cool with it.  And of course, I brought your favorite New York black and white cookies.  Only these ones were pastel colored. Whoah-hoah!  

The photos below are some snapshots I took of you and your friends. Especially sweet are the ones of you and Misha. He's your very best friend in school, going on three years now.  The teachers say you guys do EVERYTHING together. You love each other dearly but you also rough house a bit much, taking things too far at times and forcing the teachers to intervene. The two of you can be stubborn about apologizing to each other, but then minutes later are back to being a fiercesome twosome.  Boys will be boys.


(Click on individual image to view full scale and scroll through}      

Two days before your actual birthday, Daddy and I enjoyed a very special afternoon with you - just you - while Grey stayed home with a babysitter.  We took you to your favorite toy store, the gigantic flagship Toys-R-Us in Times Square, where we said you could pick out one transformer toy to add to your collection. Even better than picking out the toy however, was seeing a colossal Optimus Prime transformer before us.  Daddy lifted you up so you could give him a true, Native New Yorker greeting.  A Harlem pound.    

After the toy store we went to the New World Stages on 51st street to see the Gazillion Bubble Show. This was the big surprise that we had kept from you, sharing only that we would be seeing something special at 3:00.  The show was amazing.  Even Daddy and I were blown away by this man's talent with bubbles, the smoke, the lights, the creativity, skill and yes, the quantity.  At one point it was literally "snowing" bubbles by the millions down upon us.  You head was cocked back, mouth agape and eyes wide open in amazement.  Truly priceless. 

Well my Chunka Munka, my Cashew, my Boo Boo, it was a pleasure spending your birthday with you. Walking down the sidewalk after your celebration at school, you allowed me to take this photo of you against the brick wall.  You've got your transformer balloon, your birthday shirt on and the biggest smile in town.  

I love that smile.  May you always find joy in the simple things and silver linings in the not so simple things.

I love you.

And yes, Four Rocks!


Always & Forever, Mom