Photo 52: A Play on Light

Flash | Artificial Light - Week 1

This month Photo 52 is tackling the use of flash, both on and off-camera, in our photography and let's just say it ain't the easiest thing to master.  In fact it's downright intimidating.  Our group has spent nearly the whole month of February gearing up (quite literally) for the month of March.  Online tutorials were swapped, reference books and strobes were purchased and those of us living in New York City even attended a 3-hour flash workshop at Adorama camera supply & learning center a couple of weeks ago.  Needless to say this group of natural light photographers still feels like we are swimming through the fog of this technique.  But the good news is we have each other's support as we take on this challenge, learning as we go along and most importantly from our mistakes.  Without question there will be times when it will be useful to know how to manipulate light from an external source to get the image we envision as artists.  This is what we will tackle in the weeks and months ahead.          

Below is my debut image which I chose because of the catchlights in his eyes.  I used a flash modifier and bounced the light off of the ceiling 45 degrees behind me to diffuse the strobe's intensity.  My goal was to add some fill light to an otherwise drab indoors shot.  This being one of my first flash shots I realize it could perhaps portray stronger shadows and contouring (the result of more thoughtful positioning) but I am reminded that this is only the beginning and Rome wasn't built in a day.    


The Dandy Tooth Brusher

My "Dandy Tooth Brusher" was feeling a bit under the weather when this was taken and wanted to wear his porkpie hat all day long, even during the most mundane activities.  Who says you can't don a hat for all occasions?

Please continue along to see the rest of Photo 52's images for this week.  Next up is Kami Chaudhery, a Seattle resident and talented photographer who I was thrilled to finally meet in person this past month.