Photo 52: A Play on Light

Hard Light - Week 1

Our topic of study for the month of November is Hard Light.  Hard Light produces well-defined, high contrast images and tends to originate from a single light source, usually small or located far away.  Although the sun is not a small light source, when it is direct and undiffused by clouds, harsh and sharp lines are seen in the shadows.  Hard light can also be found indoors in low-light conditions.  For example, the light of a single candle, window, or lightbulb.  Even the light emanating from electronics is a fun way to play with hard light, especially as we move into the winter months.  Below is my Hard Light debut where the single light source happened to be that coming from the refrigerator.


Please follow along the circle to see the rest of Photo 52's images for this week.  Next up is Kami Chaudhery, a mom of two darling girls and an exceptional photographer in her own rite, who recently relocated to Seattle from New York City.