Photo 52: A Play on Light

Backlight - Week 3

For our third week of backlighting, I decided to go outside with my camera in the very late afternoon as opposed to the early morning which I had done the past two weeks.  Though it was just after 5:00 p.m., I found the sunlight still to be quite intense.  While out walking I stumbled upon a girls lacrosse game taking place in my neighborhood of Harlem.  Maintaining my elevated position outside of the field, I chose to incorporate the fence as a framing element in my shot.   The industrial nature of the fence with its added compositional dimension later inspired me to convert this week's photo to black and white.  Through this month-long study of backlighting, I am discovering that this particular technique used with black and white processing can make quite a nice marriage.  It is definitely something I will continue to practice.  

Please continue along our blog circle to view everyone's take this week using backlighting.  Next up is the amazing and talented Justine Knight, my friend and fellow New York photographer.