Wind Chasers

“A kite is a victim you are sure of.

You love it because it pulls

gentle enough to call you master,

strong enough to call you fool;

because it lives

like a desperate trained falcon

in the high sweet air,

and you can always haul it down

to tame it in your drawer.



A kite is a fish you have already caught

in a pool where no fish come,

so you play him carefully and long,

and hope he won't give up,

or the wind die down.

A kite is the last poem you've written

so you give it to the wind,

but you don't let it go

until someone finds you

something else to do.”

- Leonard Cohen, The Spice Box of Earth

Letters to our sons | August

***I am so thankful to be a part of this blog circle "Letters to our Sons" with so many amazing photographers and moms. In honor of our love for our little boys, we are posting a monthly image(s) along with a corresponding, heartfelt letter. This is the twelfth letter in what has been a most fulfilling year-long project.  After reading my post, please click HERE to continue around the circle, starting with the talented Kelly Roth Patton

My english muffin...with golden nooks & crannies.

My toasted coconut.

My little Grey Grey,

There are so many things that have brought you joy this summer: crawling through the grass, finding that you can stand upright on your own for several moments, throwback jams dance parties and wiggling your toes in the breeze created by me racing the stroller down the sidewalk. And let's not forget - bucket swings!  

You've also started to engage in more imaginative play with your older brother and I have to say, nothing warms my heart more than to see the two of you make each other laugh. You guys will frequently sit in a pile of soft blocks and rather than try to build something, you'll just throw them around in a fit of giggles. Other times you will zip and zoom cars around each other and throughout the apartment, with all the accompanying sound effects.

That is why it came as no surprise how much you liked the antique toy cars at the Carvers house on Cape Cod where we vacationed this summer, particularly the tractor. Even though your little feet couldn't reach the pedals, you handled it like a pro.  

Do you have your license Grey? 
'Cause you sure drive like you do.





Another one of your favorite things is Bear Bear. Just like your brother's Monkey, you have a Bear. He's blue, super soft and with you when you sleep, when you are playing and of course, when you need a little comfort.

You LOVE to kiss him and the suction sound of your pucker continues to make me gasp. I really don't think there is anything cuter. With one arm (sometimes both) holding his head affectionately, you'll plant at least half a dozen big smooches on Bear Bear. On the Cape, I captured a series of photos of you two together in what can only be described as an adorable "Bear Hug".     

Even though you haven't said many words yet (your first and only remains "Mama"), I do believe that one of your next ones will be "Bear".  



The other close buddy of yours is Daddy. Whenever he enters the room you go into a complete frenzy, first crawling toward him and then putting out your arms as a signal for him to pick you up. Daddy is convinced it's because he is the tallest member of the family and you get a birds eye view of all the action happening below. However, I'm convinced it's because it's Daddy - the most caring, loving and playful man any of us know.   


"Grey Grey, are you gonna start walking today?  Is today the day?"  This is what Cash and I ask you each morning when you wake up. You're close. Super close. You'll stand upright, fully balanced, for long periods of time until you want to move somewhere else and then you'll plop down on the floor and cruise like a cockroach. At 15 months old you're quite the beefcake and must be close to 30 pounds by now. Your older brother, who turns four next month, is only about six or seven pounds more than you which, frankly, says it all. If you only knew the number of these comments I hear from strangers:

 Whatta a BIG boy!

Such a CHUBBY baby!

Oh my! Look at those legs!  


And I haven't even mentioned your strength yet. Don't tell your brother this, but I once saw him have to use both hands to pull a toy from your one hand. It was rather amazing, but then again you have always been really strong. Sometimes Daddy and I have to work together: One of us holds down your limbs while the other changes your diaper or puts on a new shirt. I wonder if maybe some of this incredible strength comes from all those damn blueberries you've been eating this summer? Heck, I think you've eaten a whole pint once or thrice.  Blueberries and strawberries and cantaloupe - pretty much anything that's ripe, delicious and in season. 

It's been such a fun summer with you Grey Grey. I love your giggles, babbles and squeaks; the tan lines around your chubby creases and the cat sounds you make when you're in your room by yourself.  At times I just wanna squish you and smush you - because I can't believe how much I love you.

Always & forever,


Central Park Zoo

Within New York City's greatest park is a lovely treasure - the Central Park Zoo.  This past Thursday I took my son to the petting zoo where he encountered several of the animals in his picture books. We fed cows, llamas, pigs and sheep.  But the one animal that was of particular interest was the goat!  It was an unmeasured joy. 


Coney Island Rides

No summer is complete without a trip to Coney Island or so I'm told.  Last weekend we finally made it down to the Brooklyn shore to take in the sights, sounds and kiddie rides.  On such a hot sweltering August Saturday it seemed everyone in New York was finding relief at the beach.  We chose to ride the carousel (over and over again!) and catch the breeze up high in the sky.