Photo 52: A Play on Light

Week 33 : Exploring Evening Light

This week I opted to play around with out-of-focus street photography in the early evening, having been inspired by Photo 52 member, Linda Hooper, who handles the technique exquisitely.  The two images below were taken in a moving car when it had just begun to lightly rain in New York City.  I'm most pleased with how much they look like paintings rather than photographs.  It was a fun, creative venture out of the box this week. 



Please continue along to see the rest of Photo 52's images for this week.  Next up is my friend and fellow New Yorker, Justine Knight.   

Photo 52: A Play on Light

The Holiday Edition - Week 1

This month our group has decided on a broad, yet seemingly appropriate theme.  Since the holidays are upon us, we will be capturing a festival of lights over the next four weeks, allowing ourselves to be creative with our concepts and images.  We have been looking forward to taking a break from the more technical study of light to using our cameras most freely to capture the season's lights both bold and bright, lovely Christmas bokeh, and perhaps an occasional miracle along the way.  

My photograph for this week was taken during the first snowfall after Thanksgiving.  I opened up my aperture as wide as possible and used manual focus to create a blurred, painterly effect.   My hope was to add to the wintery mood of that late November day.      

Harlem lights

Please follow along the circle to see the rest of Photo 52's images for this week.  Next up is Kennedy Tinsley, a friend and colleague of mine as well as a very talented photographer in her own right.