Photo 52: A Play on Light

Week 34:  Exploring Night Light

It's the FINAL FOUR!  

This past Wednesday was exactly four weeks away from my scheduled C-section which will take place on the morning of May 22nd.  Our blog circle topic this week is "Night Light", but I find that when darkness falls, I greatly prefer being indoors and relaxed.  So instead I chose to take out the tripod and attempt a self-portrait that more accurately depicts my "night life" these days - feet propped and resting against a bounty of pillows.  Of course a marathon of "Law and Order: SVU" doesn't hurt either.  This is my life.  This is my life at night.  This is the Final Four.       

Please continue along to see the rest of Photo 52's images for this week.  Next up is my talented colleague and friend, Julie Kiernan