Photo 52: Within the Frame

Tonality:  Low Key {Week 28}

While high key images are created by bright, light tones and whites, low key photographs feature the opposite.  Relying on shadows, deep blacks and dark tones, they contain very few mid-tones and whites, and as a result, are mysterious, dramatic, and even ominous in their mood.  A small light source such as a lamp, flashlight, or candle along with a dark or black background are the simplest way to create a low key effect.  You can also shoot at night with street lamps or car headlights as a main light source, making sure to keep the light off of your dark backdrop and on your subject.  The dark tones and strong shadows inevitably direct the viewer's attention to the subject, creatively and with drama.

Below is a photograph of my husband saying goodnight and goodbye to our oldest son.  Working a lot more with his new job and often times late into the evenings, my husband treasures these little moments.  The expression on my son's face, illuminated by just his little nightlight, not only adds feeling to the image but also tugs on my heartstrings.  

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Goodnight, Goodbye Daddy