Photo 52: Within the Frame

Perspective | Specialty Lenses for Creative Purposes {Week 17}

This week Photo 52 utilized various types of lenses - telephoto, fisheye, macro, lensbaby, etc. - in order to get our creative juices flowing in this dead of winter (ever heard of Polar Vortex II?).  I chose to use my lensbaby which is in short, a specialty lens designed to focus on one portion of the frame while leaving the rest blurred.  The creative effect is often quite ethereal and dream-like --- a perfect choice for capturing my 8 month-old baby playing with his blanket.  

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Babe and a blanket

Photo 52: A Play on Light

Creative settings {week 4}

If you are a New Yorker, especially one who resides in West Harlem, you know where this photo was taken. It is the viaduct on 131st street near the Fairway market and the backdrop in a few Law and Order episodes as well as some big name movies, most recently the Spiderman blockbuster that came out last summer.  I've always been drawn to this structure with its rainbow of steel arches and repeating lines, and each time we drive to Fairway I always kick myself for not having my camera.  Well this last time I did have my camera and was able to capture a photograph I have always longed to take.  Shot with my Lensbaby there is a slight fisheye effect and an even deeper, dizzying intrigue.    


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Photo 52: A Play on Light

Creative settings {week 2}

This past week my sister and niece came to New York City to visit.  On one particularly beautiful day we traveled the High Line, ate lunch at The Standard Grill and then took in the view atop the Gansevoort Hotel.

My niece is 12 years old and absolutely gorgeous.  While she was looking out over the balcony of the Gansevoort, I started taking photos of her hair wildly blowing in the breeze.  One of my favorites from our dance amongst the skyscrapers is also my creative shot for this week.          

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Photo 52: A Play on Light

Natural Indoor Light - Week 1

Well it's now January of 2013, and because it's a winter month for most of us our photography group decided that Natural Indoor Light would be an appropriate theme to challenge us to find available and interesting light in our hibernation.  

For Christmas this year Santa put a Lensbaby in my stocking and I have been spending time striving to master its capabilities.  (A Lensbaby is a special effects lens that creates an area of focus in your image surrounded by beautiful blur).  For this month's debut image I chose to capture my son at play near the window which was getting some diffuse afternoon light.  My vision was to show the detail of some of his hair while the rest of it faded into a blurry mane and the Lensbaby helped me achieve it.  Below is my little Lion King.  

Lion King

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