Photo 52: Within the Frame

Geometric Patterns in the Environment {Week 2}

One key to becoming a great photographer is being able to see patterns in the environment and capture them in a way that is pleasing to the eye.  This was the compositional challenge for this second week of Photo 52:  Within the Frame

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The laundromat

Photo 52: Within the Frame

Last year's Photo 52: A Play on Light  [click HERE to view project] was an incredible growing experience for all of us.  As the final weeks passed by, we knew one year was not enough.  There is always more to learn and we simply had to take on something new.  And so, the broad theme of this year's Photo 52 is composition.  We will study geometry and framing, colors and lines, scale and narrative and our hope is that in doing so, our photography will continue to strengthen and grow.  

Like the last round of P52, I will be posting a description of our weekly shooting assignment here in my blog along with a gallery link to our new website collective:  Who We Become.  With so many of us we decided it would be better to view all of our images in one place, as a mosaic.  The mosaic is generated randomly and will look a little different each time you return.  You may also continue on to any individual photographer's website by clicking on her image. 


Using Geometric Shapes as Framing Elements {Week 1}

Be it a girl sitting in a square window or a drip of coffee falling into a circular mug, geometric shapes can be powerful framing tools that add interest and dimension to an image.  My image for this first week uses the rectangular shapes of the storage cubby to frame my oldest son on his first day of school.

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First day of preschool