Letters To My Sons | December

Dear boys,

It's "Believe in Magic" season again at ABC Carpet & Home, and I think it's safe to say our family has adopted the store motto. Going to see the most realistic Santa in the city is not only a family tradition, but a necessity nowadays for our slowly emerging Santa skeptic. Waiting in line with the same folks every year on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving is quite the reunion. I can tell even Daddy enjoys it.

This year Cash, you planned on asking Santa for Ben 10 alien toys, but once on his lap you nervously forgot what you were going to say. Santa tried to help by asking you if you wanted Transformers?...Power Rangers?...Teenage Mutant Ninja toys?...shark toys? - all things you've asked for in the past! Upon hearing him rattle off these previous toy obsessions in perfect yearly succession, when clearly he has hundreds of little children sharing their wishes, I was a believer myself again. "He really said that to you Cash?," I asked in amazement, "I mean, c'mon...sharks?!!"            

Grey, you still cautiously wanted Cash to go first this year, but your smile was radiant when it was your turn to sit on Santa's lap. For weeks you'd been telling me you were going to ask for the Zuma "stuffy". All you want this year is to complete your collection of Paw Patrol stuffed animals (how easy!) to cuddle with in bed (how adorable!). But again, like last year, I think your favorite part was the lollipop Santa gave as you left. Our quintessential "Joy Boy" couldn't wait to tear it open, announcing with arched eyebrows and a happy gasp exactly who gave it to you! 

Santa was the one who suggested that I take a photo of the two of you together on his lap and I'm so glad he did. I just love how much you both look alike here, except for the fact that your legs are nearly touching the floor Cash! 

Aside from this major instance of foreshadowing, I fear that as our oldest, your belief in the "Magic" of Christmas may soon be entering its sunset. You seem slightly more skeptical this year, questioning how Santa can realistically do what he does. When George, your "Elf on the Shelf" returned after Thanksgiving, you still raced with excitement to find his hiding place each morning, but also seemed to remark more often about his authenticity. "George looks kind of like a toy right Mommy?  'Cause I see thread holding his legs together like a stuffed animal. And it's weird how his eyes always look in the same direction like a doll." 

You keenly spotted this photo of George on my computer desktop and had a dozen more questions for me. How did he get on my dresser in the middle of the day Mommy? Does he move around when I'm at school? He's never moved places in the middle of the day before, so why now?

As your mother, spinning all these lies was exhausting! I don't know how politicians do it. The next morning you received George's response to your letter: "I wanted to move to the window for a little bit Cash. The warm sun just felt sooo good! It's really cold in the North Pole you know."  When your face lit up I knew, at least for now, that you remained a believer.

This year I am thankful the TWO of you are believers together. I have enjoyed watching your Christmas excitement skyrocket this past month, and most remarkable -- perhaps even unbelievable -- is the fact that I remembered to move George each and every night thereby keeping a bit of the magic alive for one more year.

I love you boys!

Always & forever, Mom