Photo 52: Within the Frame

Tonality: Mid Key {Week 29}

This week we continue to experiment with tone and mood in our compositions.  While high key images are created with bright light tones and low key photographs rely on shadowy dark tones, mid key images are created by isolating the mid level tones.  It may be subtle and pleasing rather than dramatic and often appears better in color than a monochromatic scheme. Colors can be complimentary and yet the same key, so although in black and white everything would blend, in color it works. One of the issues to keep in mind when playing in mid key is that although consistency of tone can help your subject and their surroundings appear well-aligned, the trick is to make sure your subject doesn't get lost.

During a recent family vacation to Mexico, my son's favorite activities included combing the beach for shells and chasing after seagulls.  It was particularly overcast in the mornings, and since my son's skin tone nearly matches the surrounding rocks and sand, I was able to get a couple of interesting mid key beach shots. 

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Photo 52: A Play on Light

Directional Lighting - Week 4

This past week some friends invited us to spend the day at the private Catalina Beach Club on Long Island.  It was our first trip to the beach this summer and my son had the greatest time playing in the sand and water with his classmate turned best buddy, Esme.  The photograph below is a favorite from the day and since it was taken in full sun, I was able to get a high contrast image with my little boy in total silhouette.  Just like the Catalina Beach Club and its Art Deco design , I feel this photograph has a retro style, like it could have been taken on a white hot summer day back in the 1950's.


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