Letters To My Sons | January

Dear boys,

We waited a long time before getting a gaming console, making sure Grey was old enough to play with ability and without frustration and just not wanting to introduce it too soon. But this year it was your early Christmas present that has since proven to be a total game changer. Literally the week before we got the system installed, Cash was a total jerk older brother. Sorry, Cash it's true. Daily fights over Magnatiles and ownership of pretty much anything and everything were the norm. Tattletales were driving me crazy and the "Brotherly Love" marble jar was becoming null and void.

Then, enter Nintendo. 

The speed of your learning curve was amazing Cash. But most of all, I was shocked by the patience you showed in teaching your little brother how to play. You spoke thoughtfully as he was getting to know what buttons to push on the controller and you chose "practice mode" until he got the hang of it. I think too, it was one of the first times you really appreciated having a younger brother. You have truly bonded as playmates and like your cousin Alex said, "I know from experience that playing Wii can resolve all sibling fights!"

We bought Wii Sports, Just Dance, Mario Bros and NintendoLand. Certain games are played on certain days, with certain time limits naturally. But what a joy to see you guys dancing, bowling, golfing, and fighting bad guys together! Here are just some of the things I've overheard from the other room: 

"I will help you Cash! Don't worry!"

"I saved you Cash!"

"Grey! Zip to me. I'm behind you now."

"That's actually cool right?!"

"If you need help Grey, just look here and you'll see how much danger I have."

"It's just practice Grey, don't worry.”

“Stay with me and you won’t die.”


Then when I’m in the room:

“Mommy, Look! The robots were going to get Grey so I helped bring him up on the ledge with me!”

“Wow Grey, you know how to use the nunchuck?"

“Yeah Mommy, Cash taught me.”

The times Daddy joins in to play, I’ll peep the three of you are cracking up; Daddy with the biggest smile on his face and Cash looking like he's plotting and scheming with the gamepad. Then leave it to Grey to keep it real.

“Stop talking Mommy! You’re 'erupting' the game! Now get your shield Daddy and follow me!”

This is the gift that keeps on giving well past holiday season. So as you move along in Battle Quest - Cash wielding your bow and arrow and Grey your sword and shield - may the brotherhood be with you as you fight off wicked beasts. And as you move from one level to the next to reclaim the Triforce, may you collect as many hearts as you possibly can along the way. 

I love you,

Always and forever.