Letters to My Sons | April

Dearest sons,

This boyhood phase is moving so quickly. Right before my eyes the two of you are morphing into junior men; and because it's happening so fast, I make it a point to take the occasional, more formal portrait of each of you. If nothing else, just to see how much your features change in a couple months time and in what ways your essence remains the same. The light that fills your bedroom in the morning is so beautiful, so that's where I'll place you, in a little black chair near the window usually with the promise of a sweet-tasting treat. 

Cash, I just don't know what to say. Sometimes when you are chatting my ear off with questions about grownup life, ocean life, space life and these days, even questions about God and the afterlife, I just stop and stare into your brown eyes, so curious and innocent. Daddy and I have nicknamed you "Cash, the kid who wants to know everything about everything" (from the Sid the Science Kid cartoon) because of your boundless quest for knowledge, especially when it comes to sharks. You are still really really into sharks and couldn't wait for our trip to the Dominican Republic so you could search for the Caribbean Reef Shark. "Du-nunt...Du-nunt..." (the JAWS sound effect) has become your daily chant. And after that we are pretty certain you'll begin the countdown to Discovery Channel's Shark Week in July. 

This past month you started taking swim lessons and joined Harlem's Little League tee ball, playing shortstop (#7 just like Jeter) for the Harlem Bulldogs. Our weekends have been getting busier as we move into spring, and I can't wait to see what new things you discover along your insatiable pursuit of life.      

Grey Grey, you've also got a passion for baseball. Even more so watching your brother at his practices and games. "Ball" is one of your newest words which is no surprise. Another one is "Ewwwwww" which I gather you learned during your diaper changes. You finally started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Daddy" and have begun making counting sounds; not the numbers exactly, but the inflections -- and damn cute I might add. The sweetest hugs in the family continue to come from you. Dawdling across the room with outstretched arms, you just wrap yourself around one of us and then go back and repeat it a dozen more times. You love to do things over and over and when it comes to those hugs and sweet little kisses, I never get tired of them. Those meltdowns and tantrums of yours, well... those I could do without. :)

But I couldn't do without either of you. That is for sure. I love you both so much. We've been waiting such a long time for the weather to warm up and now that it has, all I have to say is, hold on boys, cause we're about to have an awesome and amazing spring!