Harlem Bulldogs 11-0

This past week wrapped up my oldest son's first Little League tee-ball season. Only 4 years old, he was the youngest on the team and also the smallest. The Harlem Bulldogs was his team, bright orange in color and in my opinion, coached by the best in the league. 

Over the past three months with the support of the amazing Coach David, my son went from batting on the tee to consistently hitting pitches, from shy newcomer to team player and for his father and me, it was a tremendous joy being both supportive parents and wide-eyed spectators. So congratulations Bulldogs on your undefeated season! 11-0 doesn't come easy. 

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Technically in tee ball you aren't supposed to keep score; all games are considered a tie. But everyone, coaches and parents alike, do it anyways. The Bulldogs wrote the score next to the batting lineup on a dry erase board that hung on the fence.  

Cash Money, Lucky #7.

We're already hearing you talk about next season. 

Hopefully you will have Coach David again... 

...and who knows, maybe another undefeated season.