"X Factor"

Sometimes what we personally want out of our photography cannot be satisfied by shooting for a particular audience. Many times it is simply a personal aesthetic. I must admit that ever since I got an iPhone nearly five years ago, I have loved taking photos with my "pocket" camera. It's fast, easy and very self-satisfying. I capture moments that I would miss if I had to race and find my big camera or lug it around with all the other crap I schlep on a daily basis. I'll cop to having far too many editing apps on my phone and of course the pixel quality is nowhere near the same as my Canon; but for my personal pleasure and a daily need for a creative "fix", I love taking photos with my smartphone. Plus I can easily share favorites, like the image below of my oldest son taken this past week, with family and friends on social media. Crouched in the corner forming the perfect human "X", I quickly snapped his pose before he was off to the next thing.


[Below is a gallery of some of my favorite photos taken with my iPhone. Click on any image to enlarge]

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