Photo 52: Within the Frame

Creative Composition: Multiple Exposure {Week 49}

For the last month of our year-long project we are exploring creative composition. Our first creative composition is multiple exposure, superimposing two or more images on top of each other. For such an image to be successful the content of the images and how they work together must create an interesting composition that hopefully tells a story of some sort. 

There are a number of techniques used to achieve multiple exposure:  in-camera on such models as the Canon 5D Mark iii or the Fuji xe2, through post-processing or with the use of applications that allow you to creative multiple exposures using your smartphone.

I created my multiple exposure image below in-camera with my Fuji during our final trip to the beach this summer.  The headless baby doll I found lying in the sand seemed a fitting, albeit creepy, subject to sandwich with the shoreline and beachgoers.  The result is a Magritte-esque ode to the end of another summer.


Summer:  Gone Baby Gone


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Summer:  Gone Baby Gone