Photo 52: Within the Frame

Color Theory: Monochromatic | Analogous {Week 31}

Spring has finally sprung and Photo 52 is kicking off its month long study of color.  For our first week's assignment we focused on creating images with either an analogous color scheme (colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel) or a monochromatic one - varying tones of the same underlying color.  On the color wheel, analogous colors are quite harmonious - and the red-orange-yellow combination in my images below are both warm and rather pleasing to the eye. 

Our family recently dined in a restaurant bathed in the most beautiful window light - it was a photographer's dream. The folks seated to my right were captive to my lens, with the lines of the tables leading right to them.  Of course there was another subject right across the table, in a daydream, transfixed as well by the gorgeous light coming through the windows.   

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