Photo 52: Within the Frame

Patterns and Contrast: Broken Patterns {Week 23}

Last week we sought patterns to bring a sense of rhythm and harmony to our photos.  However, patterns on their own can feel somewhat lacking.  Breaking the pattern in an unexpected way can add the tension and vitality that transforms a scene from interesting to captivating.  

My goal this week was to stumble upon a broken pattern in the environment rather than create one, so I carried my camera with me almost every day.  During a family trip to the boogie down Bronx to run some errands, I came across a broken pattern that I felt had real New York City personality.  The empty coffee cups were stuffed in the crevice of an elevated subway beam, most likely from the construction workers on site, creating a line of white lids broken up by a single black lid, as if it were entirely intentional.  The yellow is just the extra POP in a snapshot of urban life.

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