Photo 52: Within the Frame

Camera Position : Shooting from Below {Week 21}

Pointing the camera in a direction other than head-on often yields intriguing results, simply because we typically engage with the world at eye level. Or do we? Last week we focused on a downward perspective, which as seen from many of our photographs, is a familiar angle for parents interacting with their small ones. This week, we are shooting upward - this perspective can make something (or someone) small look disproportionately big, or if pointed high enough, may capture the wonder of vast skies or tall buildings. 

I figured that while we were in Pittsburgh visiting Grandma and Pow-Pow for the past week, there was no greater landmark to shoot from below than Heinz Field where the beloved Steelers play.  After several days of cloudy skies and MORE snow, the sun made its debut.  Swirling clouds and a vast blue sky made the perfect backdrop for the great stadium in a city filled with die-hard fans -- one of which was standing on the ground below.

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Heinz Field