Letters to our sons | March

***I am so thankful to be a part of this blog circle "Letters to our Sons" with so many amazing photographers and moms.  In honor of our love for our little boys, we are posting a monthly image(s) along with a corresponding, heartfelt letter.  After reading my post, please click HERE to continue around the circle, starting with the very talented Jennifer Nichols James

My beloved Grey Grey,

You are such a yummy age right now.  My favorite in fact.  At nine months old you are learning so many new things, consistently reaching for the gold with your attempts to crawl, stand and dance - especially alongside your older brother. I can tell you desperately want to catch up to him as your eyes follow his every movement from room to room, squealing and giggling every time he comes into your view and whipping your head around to find him when he's not.  It seems as if that is your goal each day - to get up and play with him despite his occasional bullying.  Ha!   

On the other hand, I can definitely wait.  I don't want you to grow up just yet.  Secretly I'd prefer if you didn't start crawling for a little longer.  You are such a happy baby who amazes loved ones and strangers alike with your cool demeanor and sweet little soul.  Like a cherub with your pink lips, perpetually rosy cheeks and multitude of creases on your arms and legs (some of which is now starting to disappear), you make me want to slow down the hands of time and snuggle you more often and tightly before you transform into a lanky toddler boy which I know will happen way too soon.  One day you'll be mortified to learn this, but I've been known to occasionally strip you "nekkid" and show whomever is present your chubby little baby tushie.  Okay, many times.  I'm sorry, I just can't help myself.  Really Grey, I can't.  I refer to you as my "bonus baby" (coined by a dear friend) because for awhile Daddy and I weren't planning to have any more children after your brother.  But then as you know, God changed my heart on that matter and here you are, glorious and beautiful.    

The sounds you have started making this past month are so delightful - raspberry sounds with your lips, little growls and high-pitched squeals that you like to have mimicked back to you, "Bah" sounds and clucks with your tongue.  Your favorite game is the one where you do something like shake your head or clap your hands and I'll copy you.  We'll go back and forth doing this for the longest time, cracking each other up.  When you started clapping your hands last month, the whole family joined in the celebration.  You were so happy to have learned this and below is a photo of you relishing in your latest achievement.  Your smile (with your four bottom chiclet teeth showing) couldn't be any bigger, a tell-tale sign of your amazement.  

This past month we spent a week at Grandma and Pow Pow's house and, since they have these great big windows in their house, I took the opportunity to set up a little photo shoot with you.  They have this old milk crate that Aunt Gail gave them for Christmas with our family name "ROEMER" embossed on the sides and it was Pow Pow's idea to photograph you inside it.  Perfectly snug inside the small box, we had a great time playing around and taking photos.  This is the last time you will ever fit in a container so small, so I was happy to capture some photos to remind me of when you were so little.  

Though you may be little in size your sense of humor is grand in scale.  I love your laugh and more than that, what makes you laugh.  It's actually your brother (no surprise!) who can get you to laugh the hardest.  It's absolutely contagious -- and I find myself laughing when listening to the two of you crack each other up.  I predict we will share joy and laughter in so many things, together and as a family, as the years go by.


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These days your loves include doing frog jumps and twirls in your swing, banging spoons on pots and pans, sitting in a big cardboard box, splashing the water in the tub, grabbing your toes, watching shadows move along the wall, the music of Ray Charles, having a blanket parachuted above you, watching your brother dance and playing with his curly hair.  You have a zest for life, a smile that can't be matched and a curiosity that just won't quit.  As Grandma and Pow Pow said while we were visiting, "He really is such an adorable baby."  That you are.  My truly irresistible love.    

Always and forever,