Photo 52: A Play on Light

Creative settings {week 1}

Hard to believe that this is the final month of our yearlong journey exploring light.  These last weeks we are allowing ourselves, perhaps rewarding ourselves, the opportunity to play creatively.  Our main goal is to try something different i.e. playing with various shutter speeds, apertures, types of light, angles or lenses to capture something creative and intriguing.   

This first week I attempted the always challenging swing shot.  It's one of my favorite past times to photograph especially in the summer in New York City, but this time I wanted the orange sneakers to be the main subject both in focus and in the foreground with everything else a blur.  Oh, and I wanted to shoot from below.  So I got myself down on one knee, careful not to get kicked in the head, and kept focusing on the moving sneakers.  I used a wider aperture than usual to allow for the bokeh and a higher shutter speed to get the sneaker tread tack sharp.  It's definitely a different perspective than I've attempted in the past ... and a great chance to showcase some bright orange Chuck Taylors.     

Happy swinging!




Please continue along to see the rest of Photo 52's creative work for this week.  Next up is my dear friend and fellow New Yorker, Jessie Wixon.  She is mother to two stunningly beautiful girls and has talent that extends for miles.