Photo 52: A Play on Light

Holiday Edition - Week 3

I recently read in one of the local papers that Matt Lauer, the host of the Today Show, loves Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree in the early morning when the plaza is empty.  "It gets so busy later, but when I get to the studio at 4:45 a.m., and the tree is lit, it’s actually stunning because you have the place to yourself.”

I thought this was a brilliant idea so one (very) early morning this past week I took the downtown train after a rainstorm had passed through.  I was the only person in Rockefeller Center besides a handful of security guards and a few men setting up a stage down in the ice skating rink.  It turned out to be the most peaceful time to take photographs of what is normally a chaotic tourist destination during the month of December.  It was just me, the majestic tree and the angels that morning after everything had been washed clean by the rain.  

{In light of the tragic loss of so many innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School this past Friday, I wish to dedicate this image to their memory.  May their souls rest in peace with the angels above.} 

Angels of Rockefeller

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