Rembrandt's Light


Rembrandt Lighting was named after the great master and is based primarily on two factors; a light on one half the subject's face and a triangle of light on the shadowed side of the face that should be no wider than the eye, and no longer than the nose.  In photography it is a common technique for portraits and was my challenge for this week.  

The key to Rembrandt lighting is to have your subject turn their head away or into the light, usually at a 45 degree angle, in order to get the triangle shape of light underneath the eye.   This particular time I cajoled my husband into being my model whom I tirelessly directed around the room in search of the correct angle, bright catchlights in his eyes AND the triangle - which, by the way, is much easier said than done.    


The process itself was a combination of fun and frustration and certainly requires further practice and exploration on my part.  But at least I had a willing (and cooperative) subject and a nice portrait of my beloved in the end.