The Reluctant Self-Portrait

One of the biggest challenge for any photographer is to be in front of the camera.  We much prefer being behind the lens looking at the world through our viewfinder.  So this week I was pushed out of my comfort zone when one of the final assignments for my Lifestyle photography class was to take a self-portrait.  I decided it would be best to do this when my toddler was napping (to avoid further distraction from an already grueling event) and to just take my time.  

I proceeded to remove all the unnecessary pillows from the sofa, set up my tripod and camera settings, focus first on an object where (hopefully) my head would be, press the timer, do the "Fonzarelli" hop onto the couch and try my best to look casual.

Below is the result of my effort.  Of course there was no shortage of outtakes but a simple lesson was learned in this process.  Though reluctant at first to do this assignment, I realized it's good to experience the other side of things - to look INTO the lens instead of the viewfinder - despite it feeling somewhat uncomfortable.  As all things in life you just might surprise yourself.

And your family will be happy to see a photo of you for a change!