ClickinWalk 2012 | New York City

NYC Streets

This past Saturday I participated in the first New York City ClickinWalk 2012 with local photographers, some of whom I know quite well.  ClickinWalk takes place annually in cities across the globe, giving women photographers the opportunity to come together with their cameras and delve into the art of street photography.  The facilitators, who happen to be friends of mine, Justine Knight and Stacey Vukelj, led us from the New York Public Library through Times Square, down Broadway to Madison Square Park, on to Union Square, and finally across town (via the subway) to the HighLine on the west side for sunset and drinks.  It was such a beautiful fall day in NYC and I found myself enjoying the company I was with so much that I sometimes neglected my camera.  However I did walk away with a newfound appreciation for street photography and a few images to share.